Established in 1974, the Litel is a familiar company, with 60 collaborators, who develop and manufacture solutions for the packing. Since its foundation that Litel bets in the quality and innovation, presenting new products and solutions, reason for which if it has differentiated from the competition.

With 40 years of experience in the area of the packing, Litel makes use of a varied fan of products in paper, with high quality. It uses for the effect the most recent technology and qualified human resources, to assure quality, innovation and competitive prices.

- Innovation;
- Service of excellency;
- Sustainable Development (economic, social and environmental)
- Optimization of resources.

- Seriousness and rigor;
- Professionalism and team work;
- Orientation for the customer;
- Quality and sustainability;
- Ambition.

- 1974 – Year of foundation.
- 1995 – Moved for new facilities with 3.500 m2.
- 1996 – Implementation of the Quality Management System (NP EN ISO 9001).
- 1998 – Acquisition of 95% equity of a card box manufacturer Company.
- 1999 – Implementation of the Environmental Management System (NP EN ISO 14001).
- 2005 – Acquisition of an automatic paper bag machine.
- 2005 – Beginning of the internationalization process.
- 2011 – Acquisition of Chain Responsability Certification PEFC.
- 2011 – Acquisition of a new industrial unit with 5.000 m2 covered.

Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Holand, Angola, Cabo Verde, China (Hong Kong).

Being recognized as a packaging / bags company
Creating Shareholder Value

Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality

     Retain Customers
                            }   Growing Sales Volume    
        New Customers
  Commercial and Production
  Optimization and Process
• Strong Business Disclosure
• Diversification Products
• Paper Bags
• Packaging
  Improved Profitability
  Improvement of Information System
• Integrated System ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / Chain of Custody PEFC ST 2002:2010;
• Comply with legal requirements for environmental aspects / Quality / Security and Safety work/ Chain of Custody PEFC and Forest Sustainability;
• Valuing Human Resources and Motivation;
• Concern about the environmental impacts related to products and services
• Protecting the health and safety of employees and all persons affected by its activities;
• Establish strategies to prevent ongoing risk to the health, safety and impacts to the environment;
• Conservation of the natural resources to ensure the new generations can enjoy the forests;
• Contribute to the protection and renewal of forests, through the adoption of
sustainable forest management practices since the slaughter of trees to the final product reaches the consumer;
• Pollution Prevention;
• Continuous Improvement.